Guest post: For the love of Lomography

A little while back we asked for people to contribute to our blog, as after all we like to think we are more of a community at lomo lovers as without you  we would have nothing to show!

So the lovely Elisa got in contact with us and wanted to share a little project she has been working on….

For the love of Lomography

Elisa had just featured a compilation of lomographs in her current project ‘Marketplace’. She invited nine other lomographers to go to traditional markets in Jakarta and capture the atmosphere and items unique to individual locations with various Lomography cameras. The ten succeed in presenting a sense of nostalgia through the lomographs, creating an alluring marriage between dramatic camera effects and the environments of the markets. They were recently published on online publication Whiteboard Journal, here’s the link to the full article:

Markets are recognized as a place of public gatherings, where buyers and sellers meet for trade, a place not only restrained for its commodities and services but a social setting where livelihood and interaction occur. Markets, in this context, traditional markets found in big cities as Jakarta are known as a knowledgeable witness where culture and identity is formed. As part of our internship programme, the following feature by Elisa Kuswari takes you to visually appreciate 10 traditional markets of Jakarta that captures the vibrant characters through the eyes of 10 selected lomographers. We present to you a nostalgic piece entitled Marketplace: Heritage & Identity. 

We would like to see what you’ve been up to with film photography! If you want to be featured on here then just drop us an email at