About us

lomo lovers has been created by two sisters who have a passion for lomography and want to share what’s out there to fellow lomographers. we are creating monthly “inspiration books”. different cameras, film, techniques and maybe some specialist features you name it, we just want to share it. we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the issues, without you the books would be empty!

So you are probably thinking, who are these people?

Name: Nicola Clark

Location: Bedfordshire and London, England


Flickr: nicnocnoo

I work as a packaging and branding designer in London and I’ve always had a keen eye for photography and design. I got my first analogue camera back in December 2010 for Christmas, a Holga 120CFN, and had the bug ever since. I have developed a love of Lomography cameras and my current count is 25 give or take. Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate enough to have won about 6 of them so it’s not solely my addiction to buying them (I like to think).

I love love love slide film, and my favourites are currently Fuji Velvia 100F and Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100. I love the punchy colours and crazy results, and I have an addiction to multiple exposures.

Here are some of my favourite shots :

Name: Sam Clark

Location: Bedfordshire and London, England


Flickr: sammiepops

I took a couple of darkroom technique evening classes about 5 years ago, strangely to further my CV for my dream job as a scene of crime officer (not that that is what I am doing now), armed with my dad’s old Canon AE-1, which is now permanently mine, I really enjoyed these courses.  I then didn’t do too much analogue photography, until I got my first lomography camera for Christmas 2010, a Diana F+.  My collection, like Nic’s has grown  a lot since then, although I’ve not won as many as her, except a sprocket rocket, I do think I got a good bargain off ebay though, an Olympus XA2 for £1.04!

My next challenge is getting round to setting up our darkroom in our loft.  I have had all the equipment for about 5 years and practically everything was given to me for free, bar a couple of small bits I picked up when a Jessops store was shutting down.  My dad has even built me a unit in the loft, so there really is no excuse!

Here are some of my favourite shots :

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