film soup – tried and tested

So a couple of posts back we featured our film soup tutorial from a previous lomo lovers issue… we thought we would have to test it ourselves if we are going to encourage you to try it out!

So….this really was the colour of the soup (this is how you know the chemicals are working)


1 tip that is crucial!… you need to make sure that the film is really dry otherwise it will be sticky, grainy and just cause issues (we’ve learnt from our mistakes)

But here are the results from my (Nicola) Kodak elite chrome 100 extra colour roll (set to 200 asa), I’m pretty pleased with the results and can’t wait to try it again!

Below has to be one of my favourite shots of the year for me…


This must have been in the middle/near the end of the film, started to lose it’s “soupiness”




I was even lucky enough to take the soup to the Olympic park….




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