We are 1 today!!!

This time last year we released our very first issue!!!! This was no mean feat, we had to collect our favourite LCA shots from people all around the world and get permission to use them in our lomo lovers online book… the only problem was nobody knew who we were! We had to convince people that we just wanted to share great shots and there’s nothing in it for us, other than exposure of great photography! Luckily we had gathered a few good friends on the way who were willing to contribute their talents to our first issue and the rest was history as they say!

I am proud to say that we have gone from strength to strength, we have had great support from all of you!!! We have a great twitter community with nearly 500 followers, we have constant submissions on flickr and 13652 readers on issuu.com!!!!!

We’ve been very busy shooting and experimenting over the last month so Vol.12 is not here just yet (watch this space) but as it is our 1st birthday we are going to have a special edition including all our great lomo lovers big film swap gang, a special inspirational lomographer…. only the head of UK Lomography!!! and we may have not only 1, but 2 give-aways!!!!! So look out for competitions in the next vol.

With out you lomo lovers wouldn’t exist so we would like to say a very big thank you for all your great shots and for making our issues fantastic!

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