inspirational lomographer – Daz.b

name: Daz B.
flickr name: Daz B.
day job: Web Developer

How long have you been into lomography / photography:

I’ve been taking photos for about 20 years. I used film during the 1990s, and digital for most of the 2000s. During 2008 I discovered the whole lomo aesthetic and got back into film photography.

What cameras do you own:

Far too many to list! All the Lomo Compacts (LC-A, LC-A+, LC-M, LC-Wide); some of the Olympus XAs (XA,XA2); Lomography Supersampler, Fisheye, Sprocket Rocket, Spinner; a Canon EOS300 SLR; various Dianas & Holgas; several Polaroids & Instant Backs; Konica WaiWai; and lots of vintage box cameras picked up from car-boot sales – mostly sitting on the shelves gathering dust!

Favourite film:

It has to be Kodak Ektachrome E100VS/Elitechrome EBX. I adore the highly saturated colours when cross-processed. Fuji Velvia 100 comes a close second for the crazy pinks & reds.

favourite shooting locations:

I like photographing animals – mainly cats, and sometimes cows… So places like the back garden & the local neighbourhood alleys (for cats); and fields (for cows).

Favourite Camera / Film / Accessory Combination:

I rarely leave the house without one of my trusty Lomo Compacts. If I’m going out looking for cats, I’ll take an LC-Wide. If not, I’ll have an LC-A or LC-M with me. I’ll probably have a spare slide film with me just in case I run out of film.

a bit about yourself:

If you haven’t seen my photos before, or have and it wasn’t obvious – I like cats. I live with three and consider myself a bit of a crazy cat man. I enjoy doing little photography projects – aeroplanes landing, cows, graffiti characters – anything that holds my interest for a bit. I also like biscuits.

where would you like to shoot where you haven’t so far?

Those crazy sea-forts off the coast of Kent are at the top of my list.

Your favourites by others:

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