Fireworks tipster: Tried & tested

So… I got all excited, I just finished my fireworks doubles roll from our tipster by Daz and thought it would be great to show how they turned out! Sadly a few things didn’t go as planned….

I shot 2 rolls back in November (bonfire night) a Kodak elite chrome 100 extra colour on my wide and a lomography chrome 100 on my LC-A. So after reloading the Kodak into my wide a month or so a go I finally got the negs back this week and scanned them last night. Sadly I was pretty dissapointed with the results, a few things went wrong…firstly there was a lot of white out on the shots, we have put it down to the iso settings I used 100 for both but I really should have taken them a step down to 200 (I always forget!). But I know a couple of people who have said that any time they’ve used the elite chrome extra color 100 on a bright day, the sky & light areas get blasted out to white. It also had a lot of red, some are the bonfire some are possibly light leaks? Have a look…

All in all I didn’t get the results I had hoped for, but I got some really different and crazy shots! Hopefully when I put my Lomography chrome roll in I’ll get it right next time 🙂

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