lomo lovers tipster: playing with fireworks


with the help of Daz. (flickr) here’s a guide to creating these seasonally appropriate double exposures!

what you will need: You will need a camera with some sort of long-exposure/bulb mode, a tripod (optional), and a firework display.


step 1: Go to the firework display and attach your camera to your tripod. You don’t need a tripod, but it does ensure your photos of the fireworks actually look like fireworks!

step 2: Wait for the fireworks to begin and start taking photos of them.

If you are using a camera (such as the Lomo LC-A+) then set your ISO to match the film speed. When taking photos, remember to hold the shutter button down for the full exposure. You can get longer/shorter exposures by setting your ISO to lower/higher than that of the film’s speed.

If you are using a basic camera with bulb mode (such as the Diana or Holga) then hold the shutter open for about 5 seconds. Of course, this is an approximate time. Hold the shutter open for more time if you want more firework trails in the photo; and less time if you want less firework trails.


step 3: Rewind the film. Be careful not to wind it all in, otherwise you’ll need a film-retrieval tool (or your local lab) to get the end out again.

step 4: Reload your camera with the film and shoot again! Daylight landscapes/cityscapes look great with fireworks in the sky, but you can shoot anything you want…

conclusion: This technique works so well because the explosions of the fireworks are surrounded by a dark night sky. This darkness doesn’t get picked up on the second exposure; so when shot over, it creates photos with fantastic little explosions of colours!


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