inspirational lomographer James Butler – aka Slimmer_Jimmer

name: James Butler
flickr name: slimmer_jimmer
day job: Layout Artist on “Peppa Pig” and “Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom”

How long have you been into lomography / photography:

I got into photography at college in the 90s, shooting Pentax K1000s, developing and printing B&W. My interest fell away in my twenties until flickr rekindled it in 2007.

What cameras do you own:

Lots! 3 SLRs, 2 LCAs, a bunch of multiple lens cameras, a couple of half frames, an XA2 and an XA3, a lovely Yashica TLR (charity shop bargain!), a Holga and Diana, and a whole bunch of Vivitar ultra Wide and Slims. All bought on the cheap from eBay, charity shops or donated to me. Oh, and a half share in a Lomo LC-Wide with my brother, too expensive to buy outright!

Favourite film:

At the moment I’m liking Kodak Elitechrome 100 (or the Lomography Chrome 100, which is the same thing).

favourite shooting locations:

I really enjoy revisiting the same location at different times with different cameras and films. My “Spooky Tree” series ended up as 100 images of the same dead tree taken over a few years with a bunch of different cameras. I’ve since moved on to the Pitstone Windmill as a recurring theme, and near work there’s a neon sign and a poster of the surfer Kelly Slater that I keep returning to.
As a one-off I really enjoyed shooting at the Red Sands sea forts (accessed via boat trips from Herne Bay or Whitstable). Well worth a day trip.

Favourite Camera / Film / Accessory Combination:

I’ve got a few: Kodak E100g in my Holga, redscale in an XA2 and Kodak Elitechrome in my LCAs

a bit about yourself:

I’m often asked why I shoot film… the answer for me is not really about film itself, it’s film cameras I really like. I enjoy shooting with them, collecting them, buying and selling them, lending and borrowing them and hacking and modifying them.
I live in small town Hertfordshire, work in soho in London, which gives me plenty of different locations to shoot….just wish it was a bit nearer the sea.

where would you like to shoot where you haven’t so far?

I’d love to go back to Lake Como – a few years ago we borrowed an amazing apartment right on the lake… just at the point I’d fallen out of love with photography. I wince when I think of all the shots I could have taken…
And somewhere I haven’t been… I’d love to go out and shoot an Oil Rig….how do you organise that I wonder?

Your favourites by others:

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