lomo lovers tipster: the splitzer

Back in vol.3 we got together with Nigel Harris to create a tipster on using the splitzer

photo by 25thC

With the help of out featured lomographer of the month (Back, and to the left) here’s a guide to using the splitzer or a homemade version…

step 1: Choose your subject

It can be absolutely anything although I prefer tall buildings, busy streets, and peoples faces.

step 2: Attach your splitzer

(you can make your own using half a lens cap, a piece of tape, or even a credit card held over half the lens), taking note of how it is positioned over your lens.

Photo by Daz.

step 3: Try to frame your subject

so that you have a reference point you can find again for your second shot, if you want the two halves to line up.

step 4: Take your first photo

If you are using a camera that meters through the lens you are better off using it in it’s manual setting, as the splitzer will half the light that reaches the meter, leading to overexposed photo’s.

Photo by Sam 213 Kieffer

step 5: move your splitzer

Now move your splitzer so that it covers the side of the lens that was uncovered for the first shot. Cock the shutter again using your cameras multi exposure switch, if your camera doesn’t have one wind the film advance mechanism whilst holding the film rewind switch in, which cocks the shutter without winding the film on. If you’re using a Holga type camera you can fire the shutter without advancing the film anyway, lucky you!

step 6: Rotate your camera

if you want a reflection-type double exposure, or don’t if you want a time-delay effect. Try to line up using  your reference point from earlier. If you are using a camera with an external light meter (especially the LC-A+) be careful when you rotate the camera into a new position as it is easy to accidentally cover the meter with your hand, which will over-expose your second shot.

step 7: Take your second photo

photo by Back, and to the left

step 8: Repeat, because practice makes perfect!


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