Inspirational Lomographer Nigel Harris – aka Back, and to the left

name: Nigel Harris

flickr name: Back, and to the left

day job: I defrost food by swearing at it, for an Anglo-French catering company

How long have you been into lomography / photography:

Since June 2010

What cameras do you own:

I don’t really have the money or the space for a large collection, if I want a new camera I have to sell an old one to pay for it. I have worked my way through a fairly extensive list in the past year though, from plastic point & shoots to medium format SLR’s, so this is impossible to answer because it is constantly changing!

favourite camera:

I tend to go on about it a lot, but the Fed 2 is a ridiculously beautiful camera, easy to use, and takes great photos. Like all soviet Leica-copies, quality control is a bit hit and miss (mine is currently awaiting repair, for example), but you can pick one up for next to nothing. Think of them as Lomo-Leicas!

Favourite film:

Kodak Tri-X is my favourite black and white film, it has a very 1950’s look, and I love Ilford Delta 3200 for indoors+night shooting.
I mainly use Ektachrome E100GX and Sensia 100 for Xpro (the Sensia looks great processed in E6 too), and any of the cheap Fuji C41 films give great results.

favourite shooting locations:

I mostly photograph in and around Leeds, but my best photo’s always seems to be taken in London.

Favourite Camera / Film / Accessory Combination:

Ricoh 500GX (replaced my LC-A+) / A few rolls of Ektachrome / homemade splitzer (lens cap cut in half) / comfy shoes!

a bit about yourself:

I only re-discovered photography about a year and a half ago when on a whim I bought a Lomo Supersampler, at the time I wasn’t even sure if anywhere still developed film! Everything I now know I’ve learned from flickr , wikipedia, and by trial & error, and although I have the attention-span of a goldfish, photography is the first thing that’s kept my interest for this long. My plan now is to focus on one style and get good at it, rather than trying to do a bit of everything like I have been doing. I’ve met some great people through photography, like Liana last month I’ll probably end up marrying one of you.

where would you like to shoot where you haven’t so far?

Tokyo, Mumbai, or the Pacific Northwest of America.

Your favourites by others:

captain bonobo


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