looking back: lomo lovers vol.2

After the publication of lomo lovers vol.1 we had such a great response that I felt that I needed to carry on with another one. Our first volume was based on the LC-A 35mm so I thought I would give users of 120 film a chance to get involved, so vol.2 became medium format.

We managed to get one of our favourite lomographers Liana Garcia Joyce (aka golfpunkgirl) to be our inspirational lomographer of the month. Someone that we have come to know well through the lomography gallery store London who calls us the “Clark sisters” and since then anyone who works in the store knows us as just that (a tad embarrassing). You can read the article here http://lomolovers.com/category/inspirational-lomographers/

We featured some fantastic and inspiring medium format shots from people around the world. Which made me realize that we could continue every month, with a different theme and each one would be completely different and inspiring for fellow lomographers and film users from around the world.

Our tipster of the month was microclicks. Something that I had never been brave enough to try (thinking it was really hard). Until we got our fellow community member James Butler (aka slimmer_jimmer) and squarefrog.co.uk to help us out and show us how easy it really is. See the full tipster here: creating microclicks and at the end of the article I actually finally got round to trying it myself I was pretty happy with the results from my first attempt!

I’m always looking for submissions to the book, after all I have about 70 pages to fill with great photography every month! You don’t have to be a veteran, we include new lomographers and seasoned ones, we just want to share great pictures. You can enter your submission to our flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/lomolovers/ or email me at: nicnocnoo@hotmail.co.uk with your details: Shot, name, camera, film, technique etc.

Past themes have been:

Vol 1: LC-A

Vol 2: 120/medium format

Vol 3: multilens

Vol 4: multiple exposures

Vol 5: panoramic

Vol 6: new camera, film or technique

Vol 7: Diana

Vol 8: Kodak

Vol 9: Sprockets

One thought on “looking back: lomo lovers vol.2

  1. all issues of the journal are simple but contain a lot of tips and examples of great photos, I have been very useful for inspiration and try new tricks … I can not wait to browse the next number on the slide! again congratulations!!!

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