Inspirational lomographer – Liana Garcia Joyce aka golfpunkgirl

name: Liana Garcia Joyce

flickr name: golfpunkgirl

day job: Manager of Lomography Gallery Store Soho, London

How long have you been into lomography / photography:

I’ve been a solid Lomographer for nearly 8 years now. Chanced upon the Lomography site randomly one rainy day in 2004 and the rest is history. History being 1) meeting my husband through Flickr because he loved my LC-A photos 2) turning a hobby into a career by now working with the Lomography UK team 3) expecting our first lomobaby!

your favourite picture:

This is impossible! I have too many! All are sentimental one way or another as I use photography as a way to document my life, like a journal through photos. If I had to pick one, I’ll choose a recent one shot on holiday to beautiful Santorini Island with the amazing new LC-Wide. Its 17mm lens captures EVERYTHING plus the half-frame mode allows you to shoot endless panoramics that blend in smoothly shot after shot. I am in love with this camera.

What cameras do you own:

GAH! Let’s just say I now have too many, most of which I haven’t shot yet or have had test rolls of film living in them for months. This is a classic case of having too many cameras and not enough time! What I can say is how many digital cameras I own and that would be zero… it’s analogue all the way! Plus plenty of others that I can’t think of or are broken. Buying second hand cameras from eBay is almost as addictive as taking photos…

favourite film:

Slide film is always going to have an upper hand and again there are too many favourites but if I had to narrow it down to three, I’d go with:
– Agfa CT Precisa 100 (the older emulsion)
– Fuji Provia 400x
– Lomography Chrome 100

favourite shooting locations:

Everyday, mundane things as well as shooting in the underground and classic street photography, portraits and feet shots, signs, graffiti, textures, doors and locks plus multiple exposures mixing up various cities and countries.

Favourite Camera / Film / Accessory Combination:

My favourite all-time camera has to be the Lomo LC-A. My continuing love affair with this camera goes beyond the photographs they produce but rather the weight of the memories each shot represents (if that makes any sense). Nothing quite captures things like the LC-A and it feeds back images that depict things as I envision them. Plus, clip on the instant back and get instant goodness in minutes… it’s a killer combination. Bottom line: This camera does it for me.
Two other contenders would be the Polaroid SX-70 and the Canon SLR A-series

a bit about yourself:

I love golf and shooting multiple exposures on film; I live to travel; eating nutella straight out of the jar with a spoon is WIN and I have unconditional love for my mental cat, Ilford. On the flip side, I hate people who won’t give up their seat for a pregnant lady on the tube. Boo. Oh and mussels, you couldn’t pay me to eat one!

where would you like to shoot where you haven’t so far?

India and Cuba would be amazing… the culture, the colours, the people – could there be anything more photogenic? Plus I really want to go there so it’s win win.


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