looking back: Lomo lovers Vol 1

Back in July 2011 Lomo lovers came to me one night when I was in bed (as sad as that sounds). I wanted to show off what was out there, people I had seen, different techniques, amazing lomographers all in one easy place. So I though why not come up with an online flick book that people could scan through, get inspiration from, learn techniques and get involved. Each month there would be different themes for the main bulk of the book, say different cameras, techniques and films. Then I would invite an inspirational photographer to answer a few questions, show off their favourite work and inspire our readers. There is then a part in the book for the lomo lovers tipster, I find a technique that I think people would be interested in and ask a specialist to talk us through it. As I’m quite a novice in the world of lomography I have found these tipsters great and easy to use, they have inspired me to try new things and it’s great that I have had such a great response from fellow lomographers saying the same. I’m always looking for submissions to the book, after all I have about 70 pages to fill with great photography every month! You don’t have to be a veteran, we include new lomographers and seasoned ones, we just want to share great pictures. You can enter your submission to our flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/lomolovers/ or email me at: nicnocnoo@hotmail.co.uk with your details: Shot, name, camera, film, technique etc.

Past themes have been:

Vol 1: LC-A

Vol 2: 120/medium format

Vol 3: multilens

Vol 4: multiple exposures

Vol 5: panoramic

Vol 6: new camera, film or technique

Vol 7: Diana

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