lomolovers tipster: creating panoramas

Doing something different with your camera is fun and experimental and doesn’t have to be hard to get great results!

Creating a panorama is simple and you can use any kind of camera and any film.

step 1: find a suitable subject, a bridge, iconic landmark, fields or just something you love. (preferably not moving)

step 2: always start on the left! take a photo, try to stay still and wind on your film.

step 3: staying in the same spot, move your camera round to the right a little, making sure you still have part of what you took before in your viewfinder, so you can overlap your picture. take another shot and wind on.

step 4: repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have taken your whole desired image.

step 5: once you have got your film developed. scan in your images.

step 6: open a new document in photoshop or similar to your desired size, and place all your panorama images in the new document.

step 7: overlap your images so they all line up over each other. tip: take the opacity down on your overlapping images so you can line them up properly.

step 8: once you have your desired image, crop and admire.

below are the final four shots I used

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