Inspirational lomographer Marcus Butler

favourite picture

name: Marcus Butler
flickr name: m+b
day job: Digital marketing at Deloitte

How long have you been into lomography / photography: 2 years

What cameras do you own:
LOMO LCA, LOMO LCA+ x 2, Half a LOMO LC-W (I went halves with my brother, well you would at that price!), Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim x 2, Olympus Trip 35, Holga 120N, Pentax MX, Cosina CX2, Olympus MJU II, Olympus XA2 x 2, Supersampler. Plus plenty of others that I can’t think of or are broken. Buying second hand cameras from eBay is almost as addictive as taking photos…

favourite film:
I used to be a big fan of cross processed Agfa Precisa. But unfortunately it changed a while back and now goes a horrible shade of green (though I do have 10 expired rolls sitting in my fridge ready for that “special day”). Currently I really like Kodak Elitechrome EBX (big bold saturated colours, and amazing blues) and Elitechrome EB (nice strong colours, but a bit more subtle than EBX).

St Pauls (again)

favourite shooting locations:
I work just around the corner from St Paul’s Cathedral, so that’s my normal lunchtime spot for a bit of photography. I also really like Kew Gardens, which is great as it changes so much throughout the year (I especially liked shooting the spring flowers for doubles this year, I just wish I’d taken more before they disappeared).

don't forget your mat

Favourite Camera / Film / Accessory Combination:
LOMO LCA+ / Kodak Elitechrome EBX / nice sunny weather (a rare combination this summer)

a bit about yourself
Both my brothers are really good photographers but I never had much of an interest, always thinking that the photography gene had passed me by. However this all changed when one of them lent me a LOMO LCA. I Instantly loved the look and feel of the camera, and while my first results weren’t that impressive I was hooked. The idea of using film really appealed to me too, and I soon found the joys of experimenting with different types to get different results (I mostly cross process slide film, though I’ve shot some colour negative and make my own redscale film). While a lot of digital photography is amazing I find photos taken with film just that little bit more interesting. I also really like that most of my cameras are small enough to fit into my pocket and you can take a shot with them without having to faff around with the settings too much (though after two years I still seem to get the focus on the LCA wrong more times than I get it right).
However I think the greatest joy of photography is that it’s encouraged me to get out and about and explore where I live. I’ve definitely seen more of London in the last two years than I ever did in the previous ten combined. Every time I think I’ve run out of ideas of things to shoot in London, I walk around a corner and find something new.

on my way to Egypt


where would you like to shoot where you haven’t so far?
New York. So many iconic landmarks and photo ops.

shooting me

Your favourites by others:

stage door


speeding tunnel


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